About Us

Welcome to iClassical

At iClassical we hope to share our love of classical music with a wider audience.

iClassical is primarily aimed at those people seeking to develop an interest in classical music but it is hoped that more experienced collectors will also find something of interest as the site expands.

We plan to share a list of 100 masterworks with you. These pieces will form the basis of a superb classical music collection. In each case we will say a little bit about the composer and the piece of music; in addition to offering a recommended recording. We will build this collection by adding one additional work each week.

We will provide an increasing number of short reviews of new works and re-issues. Each will be rated on a star system (* to *****) based upon both the quality of the performance and the sound engineering.°

Each month we will nominate one recent recording as our CD of the Month. We will also highlight a bargain choice, for those on a limited budget, and a collectors’ choice for those wishing to branch out a little!

Please be tolerant whilst our website is being developed. When it is formally launched it will include a wide range of recommended recordings, highlight new recordings of interest, celebrate anniversaries, provide links to useful resources and discuss ways of enjoying recorded classical music in the twenty-first century.

If you have any views regarding features that you would like included please contact us.

Happy listening!

° Details of review equipment can be found here.