Franck’s Symphony in D minor

Last Saturday on BBC’s Record Review, Mahan Esfahani recommended a recording of César Franck’s Symphony in D minor performed by the Orchestra de Paris conducted by Semyon Bychkov. Esfahani’s top choice is a very fine performance but unfortunately it is not currently available on a single CD: Amazon currently have a second-hand CD on offer for £476.40 which we don’t recommend!

Bychkov’s performance is, however. available as part of a 21 CD set The Art of Semyon Bychkov for the more reasonable price of £57.25 again from Amazon!

For those readers who are happy with downloads then Presto Classical are offering the single CD as a download in CD-quality for £12.40. Now that we can recommend!

If you are intent on adding a really fine version of this symphony to your CD collection then, as an alternative, we would strongly recommend the version by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pierre Monteux. Listen to this on Spotify or buy it from the Amazon Marketplace as a new CD for less than £10. Listen, buy and enjoy!