Great introduction to Glinka’s sound world

This is the first of our posts in which we share with you an album that we have discovered lurking on our shelves and we believe is worthy of your attention.

Glinka: Orchestral Works

BBC Philharmonic, Vassily Sinaisky
Release Date: November 2000

Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka (01.06.1804 – 15.02.1857) was the first Russian composer to gain an international reputation, and he is considered to be the founder of the Russian nationalist school.

Outside Russia several of Glinka’s orchestral works remain fairly popular in concerts and recordings. This well played collection of orchestral pieces, captured in good sound by the Chandos engineers, is an excellent starting point if you are unfamiliar with this music.

The CD includes Glinka’s two Spanish OverturesKamarinskaya and the overture and suite from Ruslan and Lyudmila, Op. 5 among other works in a programme lasting some 75 minutes.

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