Happy Birthday Arvo Pärt

The Estonian composer, Arvo Pärt is 82 today and we wish him a very happy birthday.

Arvo Pärt is one of the most prominent living composers of sacred music who, since the late 1970s, has written music in a minimalist style. Many readers may be familiar with his, justly popular, work Spiegel im Spiegel; but there are many more great works written by Pärt that are well worth exploring.

Perhaps the best starting point for those who wish to become acquainted further with the work of this composer is a 2-CD set entitled Musica Selecta.

This compendium of Arvo Pärt‘s work was selected by the producer, Manfred Eicher who has recorded the composer’s works on ECM New Music for the past 30 years. This set is a near perfect introduction to Pärt’s work as it contains a wide range of recordings, both of Pärt‘s well-established pieces as well as more recent works. Buy it from Presto Classical.