Listening at home

Classical music is best appreciated live in the concert hall along with other like-minded music lovers. However, not everyone has easy access to a concert hall and many fine pieces of music rarely get a live performance. Furthermore there are so many wonderful ensembles and soloists around the world who may never perform in your vicinity and there are maestros long past who have left fine recorded legacies. In this respect music in the home, or on the move via a personal music player, has the clear advantage.

For various reasons there has never been a better time to explore classical music. Recordings are availale on vinyl, CD or via download, classical radio stations from around the world are available to listen to via the internet. Live concerts can be streamed online or even listened to, and often viewed, on catchup. The latest trend is towards music streaming that can give one access to literally thousands of recordings.

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Audio, and video, equipment has developed rapidly in recent years and excellent sound, and high definition video, can be enjoyed relatively cheaply. We are not going to recommend or review specific equipment but we will make some general observations about choosing equipment to enable you to get maximum long-term pleasure from your favourite classical recordings. Read more about listening to your music.