Renaissance polyphony at its finest!

This is the third of our posts in which we share with you an album that we have picked from our shelves and we believe is worthy of your attention.

Victoria: Requiem Mass, 1605

Tenebrae, Nigel Short

Those seeking an historically accurate performance of Victoria’s Requiem Mass 1605 are likely to be disappointed but others can sit back and enjoy some truly remarkable singing from Nigel Short’s group Tenebrae.

This is a late work by Victoria, written some six years prior to his death. In this work, Victoria attaches smooth Counter-Reformation polyphony to highly expressive mass settings. It is one of the best a cappella choral works written during the Renaissance period. Tenebrae give us small group choral singing of the highest distinction and they produce a rich sound that brings out the truly transcendent qualities of Victoria’s music. The disc is superbly recorded and the Signum engineers deserve their share of praise as well. All in all this is our recommended recording of this fine work.